Anilox Rollers

The basis of all anilox roller technology starts with the base coating, chrome oxide. This simple idea is often overlooked. Fancy engravings and shiny finishes will wear too quickly or stain too easily on soft porous coating. It is in this vein that Impreglon Cellramic has renewed their focus on the application of chrome oxide to improve the material properties of the coating.

The CrO2 for an anilox roller is applied through a plasma spray device on to a roll or sleeve’s metal substrate forming a mechanical bond. The plasma spray device relies more heavily on thermal energy than kinetic, unlike other thermal spray devices such as HVOF. It is therefore paramount to optimize the melt temperature of the powder chemistry to increase hardness and to lower porosity. Impreglon Cellramic’s chrome oxide coat has an average hardness of 1,400 + Vickers.  Abrasive wear caused by doctor blade scratching will be greatly decreased with a harder coating. Also, general abrasion rates will drop due to the increased wear resistance which comes from a harder coating. This fact will guarantee that an engraving will remain the same for a longer period of time.

Staining caused by solvents and chemicals inherent in inks, will greatly be reduced if the porosity of the coating is reduced.  Impreglon Cellramic has decreased the porosity of their chrome oxide coating to less than 2%.  This reduction of the interconnected paths that run throughout the thickness of the coating will ensure the integrity of the coating over its use.

Impreglon Cellramic Anilox Roller

Impreglon Cellramic’s improvement in their chrome oxide coating is the foundation from which the anilox roller surface is built. Next comes the engraving. Impreglon Cellramic has recently acquired the newest laser technology and measuring equipment to further improve their engravings. Precise cell patterns which are built on a sturdy coating will provide the greatest value to the user. These advancements may seem basic, but they are foundations of advancement in anilox roller technology.

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